For over 38 years National Guardian Enterprises has been a leader in complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning services for restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums and all other commercial institutions across the United States. National Guardian pioneered the rotary duct cleaners, photo verification program, and rooftop grease containment systems, which paved the way to become an industry standard.

From corporate headquarters to the local café, National Guardian is dedicated to providing: innovative cleaning methods, environmentally safe tactics, cutting edge equipment, and customer satisfaction. Our long-standing relationship with our customers is based upon our performance. National Guardian provides rigorous methods in safety, inspections, and service record transparency with photo verification before and after completion. These methods have been registered and certified with ISO 9001:2008 classification, which sets the bar for the highest quality of standards recognized internationally. In addition, we provide our customers with an annual National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance report for their facility, and can be filed with their insurance providers and corporate management teams.

National Guardian is a committed member with NFPA and the National Restaurant Association (NRA), and is a supporter of EarthShare as part of our commitment to education education and implementation of regulations in fire and environmental safety. We firmly believe that fire protection is a specialized trade that requires meticulous and attentive effort. Our team is individually mentored and trained to handle each job with professionalism and to troubleshoot when necessary.


National Guardian is truly an innovator whose mission is to “set the standard of the industry” by providing methods that are progressive and refined to accelerate performance. National Guardian is committed to providing superior service while maintaining competitive prices and environmentally harmonious procedures.

EarthShare is grateful for the support of our friends at National Guardian Enterprises!

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