National Guardian has trained and developed a team that excels at providing service to restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, college campuses, and all other commercial institutions. Our highly trained team will evaluate your facility and location to ensure the protection of your investment and provide customized estimates to meet fire code safety requirements while also tailoring a schedule to fit your specific exhaust system. A well-conceived plan provides you with the confidence to avoid crucial missteps. Among the benefits, we offer: customized service programs, competitive pricing, and dedicated account managers with 24/7 support.


Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

National Guardian provides top-to-bottom exhaust system cleaning service for commercial restaurants, bakeries, stadiums, high-rise buildings, fireplaces, corporate buildings, catering kitchens, shopping malls, hotels, and all other commercial institutions. National Guardian provides pre and post construction consulting services for exhaust systems while every service is documented with before and after pictures to ensure your satisfaction (video can be provided at an additional fee). National Guardian ensures security while our team is on premises.

Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

The best way for a restaurant owner or manager to maintain their kitchen exhaust system is to clean their hood filters daily. A filter that is clogged with grease does not allow your system to "breath" properly and can cause premature failure of your fan motor, smoke in your restaurant, and an imbalance to your indoor air quality.

In addition to an already established filter maintenance program, National Guardian will clean your filters on-site, as well as; measure, order, and install new filters for your exhaust system.

Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

National Guardian prides itself on having the cleanest containment systems in the business. Exhaust fans are known to blow excess grease onto the roof, which cannot only deteriorate the roof structure and void roof warranties, but it can also be a fire hazard. If preexisting grease is found on the rooftop during our service estimate, our team will provide gentle cleaning using mild detergents and install and maintain containment systems that will keep your rooftop grease free.

Hinge Kits

The NFPA Standard-96 requires each exhaust fan to be hinged and have flexible, weatherproof electrical cable. Hinging of the exhaust fan is not only required by code, it also helps to increase the life of the fan as well as promote safety when cleaning and inspecting. If the fan is not hinged, proper cleaning and inspection becomes difficult and may result in premature damage to the fan bowl, motor housing, and possibly the roof of your facility. National Guardian can install exhaust fan hinge kits to fit your needs at very competitive prices.

Access Panels

NFPA Standard-96 requires that a 3" x 5" (or 4" circular) fan access panel be installed on the curvature of the exhaust fan bowl, allowing for all areas of the fan to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Fan access panels allow for our team to clean the backside of the fan blades, which are not normally accessible. Not having a fan access panel can cause grease build-up on the blades resulting in the fan being off balance, leading to fan vibration or rattling. Over time this can cause premature wear on the bearings and belt and can degrade the effectiveness of the exhaust fan. National Guardian can install access panels if necessary.

Additional Services

National Guardian offers commercial exterior pressure washing services (buildings, sidewalks, dumpster areas, loading & delivery docks) as well as superior and cost effective grease filter replacement.