"As a former Director of Restaurant Facilities for a national restaurant chain that burned mesquite, commercial hood, duct and exhaust fan cleaning is a must have. Any commercial kitchen that cooks with any animal fats or fries with oils needs to develop an inspection and cleaning routine.

If your budget doesn’t allow this maintenance expense, can your budget afford to rebuild after a duct fire?

Understood that this is invisible expense and can be costly depending on the facility configuration, but think of it this way:

Fire: You’re out of business for at least a week, that’s how fast I was able to bring back a unit we had recently purchased that had gotten away from us before cleaning. If you’re an operator good luck, now you have to manage contractors and regulatory agencies (fire, health, etcetera)

Budget: You keep your refrigeration running right? With the proper guidance, filters, and filter cleaning, you may not need cleaning as often as you think. Be sure to remind your insurance carrier that you have this done; your premiums may be reduced. Plus when the fire inspector is inspecting your hood suppression system and he asks about hood cleaning, you’ll have an answer and he’ll realize you’re a professional in the community. If you lease your space be sure to let your lessor know you’re a pro too..

Provider Selection: This is the toughest part of the process. This is expensive and you only have peace of mind (like insurance) when it’s done and done right. I have hired service providers nationwide and this is by far the toughest. When I could not find reputable companies, National Guardian and I developed a national program where they managed all our units nationwide. All I had to do was follow up by reviewing the photographic and written documentation summaries and recommendations. I went with National Guardian because they do what they say they are going to do."
CAL ROSS Real Estate Management Group

"I am a 30-plus year veteran of running restaurants in San Francisco, from national chains to regional groups to my own independent.  I have worked with probably eight different hood and flue cleaners over these many years, and I have personally found National Guardian to be the best in terms of quality of work, follow up and communication, and overall vendor relations.  I have experienced many different relationships with purveyors over the years, and I respect and appreciate the spirit of “partnership” that comes from working with National Guardian.  They are just as concerned in keeping my environment safe, clean and fire free as I am.  That attitude is refreshing and supportive."
PETE SITTNICK Managing Partner

"I have been in restaurant facilities management with numerous restaurant companies for over 25 years. Over the course of this time frame, I have worked with a number of different companies for hood exhaust cleaning (hoods, ducts, exhaust fans). To this date I have yet to find a company that does a better job of hood exhaust cleaning than National Guardian. In my opinion National Guardian is the best at what they do across the board. I always have excellent service with both office staff and field staff. I have referred National Guardian to many other restaurant facilities managers and companies that get the same results. I will continue to use National Guardian with all the different companies I represent."
RICK BAYER Director of Construction and Facilities